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Unique Collection

Glasses born and created only once: here are our most extravagant frames.

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Gold Collection

When glasses become a jewel. We use gold wire to assemble the entire frame.

Our Story

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Micromega began its activity in September 2000 with the first international patent, filed by the founder and creator, Roberto Carlon. Growing up primarily as an optician in his father’s historic shop, Roberto decides to give light to his personal idea of eyewear, moving away from the world of traditional glasses. The project stems from the research to create a product that is first of all essential, light and resistant, and above all the result of craftsmanship.
Our selection

Fancy Collection

Small asymmetries between the two lenses increase the value of these works, which are completely done by hand.
technical aspects

High prescriptions

We take care of every particular visual need, building a custom frame. The frame is assembled from scratch considering the requirements related to the prescription. From high myopia to high astigmatism or hyperopia: being able to customize any part and size of the frame during assembly, we reduce the thickness of the lenses to a minimum, giving priority to the weight and comfort of the wearer.

The Product

Made with care and the result of our four pillars: craftsmanship, design, lightness and resistance.
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