High Prescriptions

for all needs

Micromega glasses are tailor made to measure for each customer.
In particular, thanks to the possibility to customize the glasses in every part, we are able to obtain surprising results even in the case of very high prescriptions. Our “Classic” frame allowed us to create glasses complete with 10 diopters lenses with a total weight of 7 grams.

High myopias

Myopic lenses are thicker at the edges and thinner in the central part. By choosing a small and circular shape, and placing the lenses in the center of the eye thanks to the custom-made bridge, we can obtain a very limited thickness and overall weight.

Myopia Glasses -10 Diopters

High hypermetropia

Lenses for hypermetropia on the contrary are thicker in the center and thinner at the edge. Using lenses built in small diameters, and centering them correctly thanks to our assembly system, thicknesses and overall weight are very low.

Hypermetropia Glasses +10 Diopters

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