Micromega [Glasses, Stories and Emotions]

From stone and fire the search for the perfect vision through the ages.
The first issue of Micromega magazine is online, you can browse it, download the pdf or request your paper copy.

A tale of vision

The history of glasses and the similarities between the first Venetian glasses and Micromega frames.

Homo faber: from dream to creation

The most poetic part of creativity is its realization: what is the use of dreaming if our thought is not realized in something concrete and tangible, ready to be shared with the world?

Online: real and digital

We love the life of the shop, we wanted to stay like this, faithful to ourselves, gathered around our work table where we embroider with


Micromega eyewear is born from titanium: a resistant, malleable metal, which makes resilience (the ability to return to its original shape once manipulated) a fundamental

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