Broken glasses?

Send a picture of the glasses so that we can help you in the best way.

Lost Nosepieces?

Replacement nose pads are free for our customers. We only request payment for postage cost, that varies according to the destination.

New Prescription?

Send us your new prescription to get a lens replacement quote.


We are happy to help you with any other inquiries.

Measure your Pupillary Distance

We recommend using this App to measure your pupillary distance, required for correct centering of the glasses. – Available for iPhone only –

Or download our ruler

This tool can be used to measure the distance between the two pupils.
Follow these simple instructions to get the measurement correctly.
1. Print this page setting the custom scale to 100%
2. Cut the ruler and fold it along the dotted line
3. In front of a mirror, center the ruler on your nose
4. Close one eye at a time, and take note of the distance between the center of the nose and the open eye

Video Tutorial

This video shows how to adjust the length of the titanium temples of Micromega glasses.

Video call service

We present our remote sales service.
Book an appointment for a virtual consultation using the calendar on this page.
Our team will be available to help you choose and customize your Micromega eyewear.
At the defined time, we will contact you via Whatsapp at the number you entered for a video call.
For any questions or requests, contact us:

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