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This model from our unique collection is hand crafted using the micromega patented assembly system.
Very resistant and light, thanks to the use of reinforced titanium for hinges and bridge, these Morfi sunglasses mount natural honey horn and titanium temples and front .
The proposed lenses are in brown 85% color. Lens color can be changed on request, depending on technical feasability.
These lenses provide 100% UV protection.
It is possible to mount prescription tinted or clear lenses on this frame.
This shape is recommended for prescriptions up to approx. + 2.00 positive; – 4.00 negative.
The price shown does not include prescription lenses. Please, request a quote for the total price.



Natural Honey horn and Titanium temples and front


Standard (130 mm W)

Lens width

48 mm

Bridge width

24 mm

Lunghezza aste

Standard (100 mm)

Lenses color

Brown 85%

Disponibile da vista


Good for progressive lenses


Good for prescriptions up to

approx. + 2.00 positive; – 4.00 negative

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– Prescription Lenses are not included in the prices shown on this page –

The lenses’cost depend on the prescription, the size of the glasses and the type of usage.
Contact us directly using this form to get a complete quote for your glasses.

Customize it

Each micromega eyewear is highly customizable.
Discover the available combinations and create a unique eyewear just for you.

Customize it

Each micromega eyewear is highly customizable.
Discover the available combinations and create a unique eyewear just for you.

Our lenses

Single Vision Lenses

The single vision lenses we use are generally in organic plastic, high index 1.6 or more, to ensure lightness and resistance to the bearer. All our optical devices include anti-glare and anti-scratch, to improve comfortable vision and duration over time. In case of high correction needed or particular assembling, we may use different materials. Contact us forwarding the prescription and the model you like to verify which are the best options for you.

Progressive Lenses

The progressive lenses we use vary according to the customer’s needs.
We generally offer two levels of progressive lenses:

Premium lenses are excellent quality progressive lenses, whose geometry provides particularly wide fields of view.
The channel for the medium distance/computer and the lower part/reading is wider than traditional progressive, allowing the patient to easily get used to the multifocal. They are particularly suitable for first wearers.

Excellence lenses are the best progressive lenses available on the market.
Their construction involves the use of nanotechnologies to study the geometry of every single point of the lens, in order to allow an immediate fusion of the images and reduce aberrations. The field of view is very large for both far and near, allowing you to focus quickly at all distances. These lenses are also recommended for patients who have a significant difference in correction between the two eyes.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions® technology consists of a special coating that allows the lenses to turn dark under the sunlight. These lenses become tinted very quickly, while they turn clear a little slower. Unlike old photosensitive lenses, this new generation turns completely transparent when not under sunlight. Available colors: Grey, Brown, Green-Grey.

Sun Lenses

The neutral sun lenses differ in each frame, and are listed in every pair of glasses.
These can be customized to the customer’s choice: contact us directly to customize your micromega!

Prescription Sun Lenses

The corrective sun lenses we use are high-index, produced by Essilor® or Zeiss®, and can be colored in Brown, Gray or Green-Gray. It is possible to customize colors upon request.
Progressive and single vision lenses are available with a tint or with Transitions coating.

All trademarks above are not related in any way to Micromega, that uses them as suppliers.

Lenti Transitions

La tecnologia Transitions® consiste in uno speciale rivestimento che consente alle lenti di diventare scure sotto la luce del sole. Queste lenti si colorano molto rapidamente, mentre si schiariscono un po’ più lentamente. A differenza delle vecchie lenti fotosensibili, questa nuova generazione diventa completamente trasparente quando non è sotto la luce del sole. Colori disponibili: Grigio, Marrone, Verde-Grigio.

Lenti da Sole

Le lenti da sole neutre utilizzate variano per ogni montatura, e sono descritte in ogni occhiale. Il colore delle lenti può essere personalizzato a scelta dal cliente: contattaci per personalizzare il tuo Micromega.

Lenti da Sole con Prescrizione

The corrective sun lenses we use are high index, and can be colored in Brown, Gray or Gray Green. On request it is possible to create specific customized colors.

Progressive and Monofocal lenses are also available with coloring or Transitions

All the above brands are not in in no way related to Micromega, which uses them only as suppliers.

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